3D Pen Art

At The Archivist's Gallery

Saturday, February 24, 2018 2:00 PM

Join 3D Printing Pen Artist Grace Du Prez for a unique workshop at The Archivist's Gallery. 

Grace has been working with this technique since 2014 and has worked on record breaking projects such as a life sized car. She has been running these workshops for nearly two years so knows all the best hints and tricks for beginners.

Whether it’s something you've never tried before or you have your own pen and want a hand getting started, it is a fun-filled way to spend a few of hours and perfect for those that want to try something a little bit different.

So what is a 3D Printing Pen?!

It's a handheld version of 3D Printing that lets you to draw with plastic in the air. It's really fun! It combines all the excitement and innovation of new technology with the care and love of something handmade.


What will we do in the class?

This beginners  class will look at mastering the basic principles such as drawing into the air, constructing 3D Shapes from templates and building up objects with layers


What will be included in the workshop? 

Everything is included so you just need to bring yourself.

For every ticket you will each get:

- A 3D Pen to use

- All materials and templates

- Refreshments 

- A tote bag to take all your creations safely home in